Shipping & Handling

Shipping Procedures

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal at Index, which is why we take great
care to deliver your items to you as securely and quickly as possible. Our
shipping solutions make your life easier by allowing you to focus on your
objectives rather than our operations. Goods are transported to our facility from
the store, and Index tracks your order from the time it leaves our warehouse until it reaches your hands. Whether it's a wall mirror or a crockery set, we'll keep your order secure until it arrives at your door.

How much does delivery cost?

The delivery charges for a standard size and weight parcel will be US $ 4.00 throughout Lebanon. The parcel may contain many products.

Order Tracking

From your account page, you may check any updates to your order as well as the location of your shipment at any moment. You may contact Index support at any moment if you need more information about your order status.


The stock and availability information on this website is provided only for your convenience. While we aim to provide the most up-to-current and accurate stock and availability information, it may become out of date and change between the time you added an item to your basket and the time your transaction is processed. In rare situations, an item may be out of stock, or the quantity ordered may not be available. In that event, we will contact you to discuss the best course of action.

Handling and Delivery

Our items are all fully examined at our warehouse by our staff before being
packaged and turned over to a courier for final delivery. If any physical damage
is discovered in the packing during delivery, please tell the deliverer immediately and return the box. All electrical products are warranted for one year. None electrical products are not warranted after delivery and inspection by the customer.