Mirror decoration can be simple in some rooms because the design and placement seem natural. A big ornamental mirror, for instance, always looks wonderful over fireplace designs. Additionally, this is not just for aesthetic sake. The Feng Shui teaching may provide the justification for hanging mirrors above your fireplace if you're wondering why. This attractive trick infuses a room with positive energy, particularly when it reflects your garden because this will complete the "Creative Cycle."

To maximize light, position mirrors opposite windows.

When using mirrors to decorate, placement is crucial. When trying to add natural light in a space, it is extremely helpful for tiny living room ideas or small dining room ideas.

One of the oldest and most effective tactics in the book is to place mirrors where the light naturally falls. This intensifies the natural light and gives the impression that the space is larger and brighter. A strategically positioned mirror on the other side of a window will reflect the sunlight and the surrounding vegetation into a smaller space, helping to bring the outdoors within.

 Consider both the frame and the type of glass.

There are a variety of factors to take into account while decorating with mirrors. Consider the look of the glass in addition to the design and positioning of the frame.

'Mirrors are a practical substitute for pricey images, and serve as pieces of art in their own right,' says Marc Allum, an expert from Antiques Roadshow. Others find satisfaction in something most people would consider to be "worn out." Where a period mirror's silvering is extremely poor and deteriorated, rendering it less useful as a mirror, it is actually a decorator's paradise and even adds value.

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